Rory Brown, Managing Partner Of Nicklaus Brown & Co., Compares Virtual Banking To Virtual Banks

It would seem that virtual banking and virtual banks are one and the same. After all, you can use a virtual bank to do virtual banking.

Rory Brown Asks Floridians: Is a Virtual Bank Right For You?

It may not seem like it, but online banks have been around for over 20 years. The first genuinely full-service online-only bank was Security First Network Bank, which opened its website in 1995.

Since then virtual banks have flourished. In terms of the online banking experience, large, conventional banks are still playing catch up with virtual banks, which have focused on making sure their online user experience is intuitive, fast, and secure.

Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., on Why the Lydians Created Modern Coinage

The history of money as a means of exchange goes back tens of thousands of years, beginning with the rise of large human communities, for which barter became an impractical solution to the problem of commodity distribution.

The Lydian empire certainly wasn't the first to use money, but Rory Brown, the Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., reveals why they were the first to use modern coinage.

Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., Reveals Contributions of the Lydian Kingdom

The kingdom of Lydia, an Iron Age civilization found in western Asia Minor, was founded sometime around 1200 BC and lasted until 546 BC when the Persian Empire conquered it. But at that time, it is credited with a number of lasting contributions.

Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., Shares the History of Lydian Gods

In the ancient world, mythologies cross-pollinated cultures. Just as the Romans borrowed much of the Greek pantheon, changing names and narratives, the Lydians borrowed gods, in whole or in part, from some of the older civilizations that surrounded them.

In some cases, these gods were pilfered by the Lydians themselves. In other cases, the gods were likely borrowed by an earlier, Lydian precursor culture, evolving into their Lydian forms as the culture changed.

Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., On The Lydians and Other Historical Currencies

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have used trade to procure needed items. Barter is the oldest trading system, but money, in various forms, quickly eclipsed barter as the preferred means of trade. Though true coinage was invented in the middle of the seventh century BCE, with the introduction of the Lydian stater, money is much older, and below Rory Brown traces a path from cows straight to Bitcoins.

Rory Brown, of Nicklaus Brown & Co., On Collecting Lydian Coins

Collectors and historians alike are enamored with the Lydian Lion and the stater, the world's first true coins. If you're an avid coin collector interested in investing in ancient Lydian coins, read Rory Brown's tips to learn how this fascinating currency can be found.

Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co: From Lydian Coins to Chinese Bank Notes

Lydian staters were the world's first true coins, but there was a second major currency innovation that happened 4,000 miles away. Lydia may have invented modern coinage, but we have the Chinese to thank for paper money.

Rory Brown Speaks On The Composition And Appearance of Lydian Coins

There may not be a more distinctive, or visually-engaging coin than the Lydian stater. Introduced in the middle of the seventh century BCE, the stater was the first coinage system. He was the one to receive a government-backed insignia, securing its value as a means of trade.

After King Croesus converted to a then-groundbreaking bi-metallic minting process, the stater became the basis for nearly every coinage system to follow. So what made the stater so innovative?

Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., Shares 5 Interesting Facts About Lydian King Croesus

King Croesus of Lydia was a larger than life character in Asia Minor during the sixth century BCE. By far, his biggest claim to fame was minting the very first coins as we know them in the modern sense of the word, but there is quite a bit more to Croesus, the man. Here are a few facts everyone should know.

Rory Brown, Managing Partner of NB & Co., Talks Hiring in The New Year

Professionals are often tasked with finding the right employees to fill key positions. This begs the question: should you hire for personality/fit, experience, or a particular talent?

Rory Brown, Chairman of Goods & Services Partner, On Why Generation X Matters

Before they were called Generation X, they had a few other names applied to them, including Latchkey Kids. For the first time in history, kids spent a great deal of time on their own. Great harm to their psyches was predicted thanks to this lack of parental supervision, but it turns out that most of the people who make up Generation X actually turned out ok.

Rory Brown (Charleston, SC), Chairman of Ad Genius, on Brand Conflict

Mr. Rory Brown is the current managing partner of Nicklaus Brown and Co., and the chairman of Ag Genius, Goods and Services, and the Nearshore Technology company. He is also a member of the Board of directors of Desano. He is one of the great minds in the business world. Several people all over the world are relying on his advice when it comes to the subject of brand management. One of his greatest contributions is in the subject of brand conflict.

Rory Brown, Chairman of Ad Genius, On Targeting the Next Generation of High-Value Customers

When developing a marketing campaign, the first step is to develop a profile of the your High-Value customers. Not only who they are today, but who the next generation of high value customers will be. In 2018, two generations have more buying power than any other group: Gen X and Millennials.

Rory Brown, Chairman of Ad Genius, Discusses the Importance of Defining Your Target Market to Accelerate Revenue Growth | Charleston, SC.

The most fundamental premise of marketing, determining the audience to whom you wish to connect, is often not the initial focus of the marketing planning process. Before you roll up our sleeves and work to produce engaging content, who, exactly, are you trying to connect with? Who is your target audience?

Creative as you may be, and as talented with audio/visual and linguistic gymnastics as you are, this is the single question, above all others, that you need to determine at the outset of any project.

Always take money off the table, there is always another opportunity.

Rory Brown is a Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co. and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ad Genius, Armada Cloud, Goods & Services, and Nearshore Technology Company. Brown works with the leader of each organization on strategic initiatives, capital planning, sales and marketing, and technology initiatives focuses on improving the client experience and maximizing operational efficiency. Brown's committed approach to working with management allows each company to focus on creating value for all stakeholders.

Rory Brown, Chairman of Goods & Services Partners, Shares How to Develop a Culture That Embraces Technology and Change

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. However, employees, particularly in industries not generally associated with high tech, can be reticent to embrace change.

Often people operate under a "good enough" mentality. Unless they are suffering, status quo is the path of least resistance. They reason that if the technology and processes they've been utilizing work, why change?

Do Your Business Partners Make You More Effective?

Great business partners provide experience and skills that complement your strengths and bolster your weaknesses. Selecting partners that share your vision is critical but partners that have different perspectives and abilities may allow the business to grow faster and avoid costly mistakes.

Rory Brown, Cofounder Of VirtualBank, Talks Benefits Of Opening A Virtual Savings Account

Online savings accounts have been working for consumers for a number of years now, and their popularity is only increasing. If you're a part of the population that hasn't yet made the leap, the following perspective from Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., may convince you to open an account.

Rory Brown of Charleston, SC Reveals What A Personal Guaranty Is?

A Personal Guaranty is an unsecured written promise guaranteeing payment on a loan, lease or other obligation in the event of default. Because it is unsecured, a Personal Guaranty is not tied to a specific asset.